Why Great Managers are so Rare

“There’s a reason for this — authentic management talent is rare. Gallup’s research shows that just one in 10 have the natural, God-given talent to manage a team of people. They know how to motivate every individual on their team, boldly review performance, build relationships, overcome adversity and make decisions based on productivity — not politics. A manager with a little talent for the job will deal with workplace problems through manipulation and unhelpful office politics.”

Organisations that choose managers based on talent have a much greater chance of choosing high performers. Naturally talented managers know how to develop and engage their employees. They create enthusiastic and energised teams that focus on moving their company forward and doing right by their customers.

  • Great managers possess a rare combination of five talents. They motivate their employees, assert themselves to overcome obstacles, create a culture of accountability, build trusting relationships and make informed, unbiased decisions for the good of their team and company.

  • The sought-after talent combination that characterizes great managers only exists in about one in 10 people. Another two in 10 people have some of the five talents and can become successful managers with the right coaching and development.

  • The majority of managers are miscast. According to Gallup research, 18% of current managers have the high talent required of their role, while 82% do not have high talent.

Manager talent is rare, and organisations have a hard time finding it. It is time to change that.


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