Gallup’s Called to Coach – Taisja Laudy

A few years ago, Taisja was working as a successful sales director. She constantly searched for tools to improve her team members’ engagement at work. Taisja wanted them to be happy and fulfilled in all aspects of their lives. She explained this desire to her pastor: that she had a calling to help others. Her pastor recommended that she look at Clifton StrengthsFinder™ to help her team become happier. He explained that StrengthsFinder™ identifies a person’s talents and is frequently used by executives. Taisja was so excited by her conversation with her pastor that she went home and immediately took the Clifton StrengthsFinder™ assessment. Also, Taisja downloaded every available press book. She explained, “I knew I was holding a treasure.”

Taisja’s work with StrengthsFinder™ dovetailed into her personal mission statement, “To bring people to their full potential.” She believes that every person has an inborn mission statement and personal talents, but often, they are not connected to their mission statement, nor are they maximizing their talents. Taisja helps her clients understand their mission statements and use their talents. She thinks StrengthsFinder™ is powerful because it helps people get to the core of their unique talents quickly.



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