During the study Strengths Based Leadership, the GALLUP scientists analysed over one million working teams, carried more than 20 thousand deep interviews with leaders, used carried through 50 years surveys referred to the most admired leaders over the world and reached to 10 thousand of their followers just to ask why they had decided to let them be their guide in life. After, the results of this comprehensive research were revealed!

What was discovered?

Effective leaders always invest in Talents

In the organisation in which the person who is leading the team and is not able to see Strengths of individuals, the chances of engagement are hardly perceptible: only 9%. That means that 1 of 11 employees brings to the job his heart, passion and maximum of effort. Although as the leader shows the interest of the Strengths of every person of his team, the number increases to 73%! Which makes 3 of 4 persons fully engaged! Being focused on Talents as well as investing in recognition of the strongest features of employees increases the chance to build a fully engaged team even 8 times!

Effective leaders encirle themselves with appropiate people

This is the main factor to build a maximally efficient team! As far as none, even the most gifted leader is not comprehensively talented, the best teams are! GALLUPS research proved that the most efficient groups possess characteristics from the four main domains of the strong leadership: Executing, Influencing, Relationship building and Strategic Thinking.

Effective leaders understands the needs of people they're leading

People follow their leaders for particular reasons. A thousand people who participated in GALLUP research clearly established what they expect from their leaders: trust, empathy, stabilization and hope.

What our Customers

There is only 4 steps to build
Strengths Based Team

  • 01 | Evaluation – Talents Survey
    Before we would be able to appoint the goals of your Team, we need to know who we are going to work with. At the first stage, the Certificated Coach meets with selected team members and their manager to execute Clifton StrengthsFinder® (CSF) survey. The survey determinates individual Talents and establishes engagement of employees.
  • 02 | Education – Indivudal coaching sessions
    There is a half-truth in saying "The knowledge is power". The knowledge by itself is not anything else but a potential strength. Just like the gum from slingshot which is stretched but never released to fired. Your team is not able to reach the next level without realising that energy. This is what, we are doing in the third stage. If every strong feature is properly used then it can be a factor to reach the top, if not - to bring down to an abyss. During the individual coaching sessions, TLnC Team enriches employees in those chances and traps, learns how to use their Strength to make them a great benefit for the company.
  • 03 | Activation – Team Workshop
    In order to activation, TLnC team execute 2-hour workshop for your team (up to 30 people in a group) during which talk through the whole process with participants - from the CSF history to naming, acceptance and establishing the goals of their Talents. After the workshops, each team member would be able to maximize his potential. One of the most important subjects of the session is a creation of Talents Map of your team. The Map helps in the visualisation of similarities and differences between the coworkers which lead to understanding and appreciation of those differences.
  • 04 | Aacceleration – Leader Focus
    As the fundamental factors are in their places, its time to push the gas pedal. In the final stage the Coach carries an individual meeting with the person who is managing the team. The purpose of the session is to look deeply over the Talents Map of the Organization. The Coach provides the manager with one of the most influential tools - an individualized report prepared for each team member. Each report consists of a personal motivation, engagement need and an efficient way to communicate with that person,

What are the benefits
of disclosure Talents in your Organisation:

For teams


They will learn how to explore and use their unique Talents to increase efficiency and engagement of all the team member and hence to achieve the specific goals.


They will get know how their unique features function with features of other team members.


They will be able to identify a key relation which binding is necessary to self-development and strengthen team efficiency.

For leaders


They will be able to interpret Talents - not only their own but also their employees.


They will understand how the Strengths operate at work.


They will create and understand how to use the Strengths Map of the team and learn to manage the people basing on this knowledge.

Strengths Based Leadership

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