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Paul Mens

Chief Financial Officer at Ultrafast Fibre Limited

I recommend Taisja to you. She is very engaging and insightful. I approached her to better understand my unique strengths and values and how I best used these matched in my career and personal life. We worked through 8 sessions and these became a highlight of my week. I think Taisja has an excellent understanding of human behaviour and combined with her previous work experience is able to relate to her clients in a valuable way. For me all the sessions added value, were enjoyable and better than many similar courses that many of us would have previously attended throughout our careers.

Taisja is an immensely knowledgeable, enthusiastic and passionate person. Her command of the Gallup Strengths resources has helped me better understand my own strengths and how to have more positive interactions with others. I highly recommend you having a chat with Taisja if you or your business is serious about improvement.

Scott Russ

National Manager of Groups & Associations at OfficeMax New Zealand Limited

Meggie Wong

Director and GM of Consumer Imaging and Information Product Group in Canon Hongkong Co. Ltd.

The challenge
My challenge is that my team has grown rapidly in few years with conflicts in cooperation among different managers with various background and experience. More severe problem is about our sales decline unexpectedly further leads to lower and lower energy level as well as team spirit due to suddenly downtrend of Hong Kong economy. To us, in the past, we always over-achieved our sales target with quick action to the market and innovative marketing power. However, it seems cannot happen under this “uncontrollable” tough environment as well as the action is slow due to a larger group of people.

The approach
“Communication” based on “Strength” Approach
It is important to understand myself and my senior managers' strength with good communication by both one on one coaching and team coaching based on strength platform.
Positive thinking and energy will be increased after we focus on people’s strength.

The solution?
When I communicate with my subordinates, I will remind myself of their strength and try to communicate based on their strength. It helps me to know how to motivate my staff more easily to achieve the target or complete the tasks with a positive mindset. To them, they also have more understanding on my strength and focus on a positive solution.
For enhance the strength of my staff, I think still need more time to change. However, it is true that little adjustment on leadership based on your strengths, the team has changed gradually.
For a team’s communication issue, it is still in process ….

The recommendation
Tais is highly efficient and professional coach. She can quickly understand your problem and give an advice to you or lead you to think about your own solution due to her background for her long experience as a senior executive in a sales company. She also deeply understands what is the complexity of challenge a female executive faces and with good advice.