Engagement survey

Estimate and manage the Engagement of your Organization with worldwide proved
analysis tools provided by GALLUP Institution
which would lead your enterprise to an improvement of important fields of development.

Highly engaged employees are one of the factors creating a difference between the fastly growing organisation and the one that fights for a position in the market. People who are engaged in their work are more creative, passionate and enterprising, and their enthusiasm drives to development of the whole organisation. They feel a strong emotional connection with the mission and goal of their work. Provided for them tasks are actively accomplished.


That high number represents the employees from around the world who are not engaged in their job. It is a serious crisis threatening world economy

The Engagement of your employees has an impact of numerous factors of your Organisation development

Conducted in 230 organisations in 49 fields of trades GALLUP Institution's research clearly points how the indicators of business goals are changing in work environment of the high factor of engagement.


Customer's opinion



Fewer employees absence

Lower turnover

Fewer safety incidents

Fewer quality defects

What single out the tools of employees' engagement
estimating and managing?


Support of rigorous scientific data


Leading to integral results


Applicable at local level

Fullfing the needs of your employees, you provide them with joy and motivate to gain for better results.

3 steps to boost your engagement

  • The right asked questions
    To establish the image of your organisation you need to ask a range questions. Their accuracy has scientific confirmation of ten years of researchers.
  • Results analysis
    A multi-faceted and deep analysis is based not only on results from the first step but includes individual goals, business challenges and the structure of your organisation as well. It provides you with an identification of the key fields that are in need of further development and reform.
  • Acting based on a clear plan
    As you know where your organisation stands, it's time to act. The strategy compiled especially for your individual needs will adjust the performance of your company and enable an execution of transform leading to the improvement of the engagement and create astonishingly effective work environment.

Act today

Would you like to know what you can do today to make an impact on the engagement in your company?