Transforming organizations from Great to GENIUS

The first and only company in the world offering Strategic Consulting based on Strengths with exceptional GALLUP know-how in combination with authoritative methodology GeniusFormulaTM. We are a cross-global company with 50+ highly effective Strategic Consultants, providing end-to-end solutions to solve your most complex challenges.

Our team

Taisja Laudy Trener Mocnych Stron (TM) TLnC

Taisja Laudy

Chief Fulfillment Officer / Founder

Learner | Command | Connectedness | Responsibility | Strategic


Ashim Kumar - Strengths Based Leadership Consultant/Coach Taisja Laudy & Co.

Ashim Kumar

Executive Coach / Trainer

Communication | Maximizer | Futuristic | Input | Positivity

Izabela Antosiewicz Trener Mocnych Stron(TM) StrengthsFinder TaisjaLaudy&Co

Izabela Antosiewicz

Executive Coach / Trainer

Responsibility | Adaptability | Positivity | Relator | Woo

Małgorzata Michalak-Rydzel Trener Mocnych Stron(TM) StrengthsFinder TaisjaLaudy&Co.

Małgorzata Michalak-Rydzel

Executive Coach / Trainer

Relator | Achiever | Belief | Responsibility | Significance

Anna Komorek Trener Mocnych Stron (TM) StrengthsFinder TaisjaLaudy&Co.

Anna Komorek

Executive Coach / Trainer

Learner | Responsibility | Achiever | Maximiser | Focus

Miłosz Nowak Gallup Strengths Coach

Miłosz Nowak

Executive Coach / Trainer

Relator | Responsibility | Woo | Input | Connectedness

Agnieszka Borys-Gajda - Trener Mocnych Stron(TM) StrengthsFinder TaisjaLaudy&Co.

Agnieszka Borys-Gajda

Executive Coach / Trainer

Maximizer | Relator | Empathy | Developer | Woo

Aneta Dominiak-Gnojnicka - Trener Mocnych Stron (TM) (StrengthsFinder) TaisjaLaudy & Co.

Aneta Dominiak-Gnojnicka

Executive Coach / Trainer

Input | Individualization | Developer | Belief | Responsibility

Liliana Kisiel - Trener Mocnych Stron (TM) (StrengthsFinder) TaisjaLaudy&Co.

Liliana Kisiel

Executive Coach / Trainer

Developer | Woo | Futuristic | Connectedness | Positivity

Lilianna Żuchowicz Gallup Strengths Coach

Lilianna Żuchowicz

Executive Coach / Trainer

Individualization | Relator | Deliberative | Focus | Empathy

Anna Chorowiec Trener Mocnych Stron(TM) StrengthsFinder TaisjaLaudy&Co

Anna Chorowiec

PR Key Account Manager | Strengths Based Development Consultant

Empathy I Developer I Adaptability I Positivity I Input

Anna Soszyńska - Strategy Implementation Manager Taisja Laudy & Co.

Anna Soszyńska

Strategy Implementation Manager

Activator | Significance | Relator | Individualization | Achiver


Elizabeth Sobon

Strategy Implementation Director, UK

Strategic | Activator | Maximizer | Self-Assurance | Command


Bronwyn Humphries GALUP Certificated Coach

Bronwyn Humphires

Executive Coach / Trainer

Relator | Learner | Activator | Connectedness | Strategic

Eric Tham Gallup Strengths Coach

Eric Tham

Executive Coach / Trainer

Maximizer | Learner | Individualization | Focus | Analytical

Warwick Hood Gallup Strengths Coach

Warwick Hood

Executive Coach / Trainer

Futuristic | Strategic | Relator | Learner | Individualization

Julie Sim Gallup strengths coach

Julie Sim

Executive Coach / Trainer

Rebecca Webster Gallup strengths coach

Rebecca Webster

Executive Coach / Trainer

Our vision is

to be the solution which shifts those numbers around by implementing Strengths Based cultures, not only with Fortune 500 companies but also in start-ups and family businesses